The purpose of the  Certified Commercial Skills Test Examiner (CCE) training program is to provide CDL Examiner candidates with a fundamental understanding of the objective of the CDL testing program, and provide all of the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to serve as a CDL examiner and assist jurisdictions in meeting federal CDL compliance standards.

Upon successful completion of this course, the examiner will be able to:

  • Identify what physical facilities and equipment are necessary to conduct CDL skills testing.
  • Describe the characteristics of valid and reliable skills tests.
  • Administer and score correctly each of the CDL Knowledge Tests.
  • Administer and score correctly each of the CDL Skills Tests.
  • Make appropriate decisions regarding the applicant’s CDL skills based on test results. 

The examiner must also acquire the following knowledge, skills and abilities:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the CDL Driver’s Manual.
  • A working knowledge of the CDL Examiner’s Manual.
  • Knowledge of testing site and route requirements.
  • Be able to carry out in a professional manner, the CDL skills testing process.
  • Be able to carry out in a professional manner the CDL knowledge testing process.
  • Comprehension of the responsibility and the impact commercial licensing has on public safety.

This course will take approximately 10 hours to complete.

The examiner must also complete approximately 24 hours of additional skills training at the DMV CDL Third Party Location.

How to enroll:

This course requires approval from the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, Field Services Third Party Program. To request the enrollment key, please contact Wilfredo De Leon by phone: 702-486-5655 opt 3 or email: or Kathy Hamlin by phone: 775-684-3506 opt 3 or email: