Nevada WebIZ -Viewing & Navigating Basics

Disclaimer: The online version of this course is not approved for Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). This course is designed to give users basic knowledge and access to Nevada WebIZ also known as the State Immunization Information System (IIS). Users must have a meaningful use for accessing the system and must be associated with an approved provider, clinic, school, or childcare facility.

If your organization is not registered with Nevada WebIZ or is not approved to access Nevada WebIZ, please contact the Help Desk at (775) 684-5954 or one of the trainers to see if your organization can be enrolled in the State’s IIS.

This course takes 2 hours to complete

Upon successfully completing this course you will be able to:

·         Navigate the State’s IIS (aka Nevada WebIZ)

·         Search for patients’ immunization records to avoid duplication

·         Understand and Interpret all information related to a patient’s immunization record

To obtain credit for this course you must:

·         Review each section and complete the quiz.

·         Complete the User Confidentiality Agreement (UCA)

·         Submit the completed User Confidentiality Agreement (UCA) with a copy of the Certificate of Completion (COC) to at the end of this course.   

·         Complete the survey

Pharmacists, physicians, nurses, medical assistants, and office staff responsible for documenting immunization information should attend this 2-hour class, which expands upon the “View Only” Training. Students will learn how to create patient records and document all immunization information in compliance with IIS law.

A copy of the current training manual has been included for the user's review.  Manuals are updated periodically. Please check Nevada WebIZ for the latest version of the manuals for future references.