Course Overview

In accordance with the provisions of the State Administrative Manual Section 0521.0, Safety and Health Program and Subsection 2-C, Safety Training the Risk Management Division has identified training in defensive driving must be included in all state agency safety programs. The Defensive Driving Course is required for all Executive Branch employees whose essential job functions require driving a state vehicle or personal vehicle for state business on public roads. Priorities for training are as follows:

  • Employees who transport clients
  • Employees who drive in Las Vegas
  • Employees who drive in the Reno/Carson City areas
  • Employees who drive in rural areas
  • Employees who drive occasionally
  • Developing and Maintaining High Performance Teams

The online Defensive Driving course satisfies the requirement for refresher training every four years. First time participants must still complete the in-classroom training. After an employee has completed the classroom version of Defensive Driving they may take the course online.

Minimum Passing Score: 80% on the Final Exam

Credit Hours: 1.0

Time to Complete (Approx.): 1-2 hours

How to Enroll:

This is an "open enrollment" course. Select the course name in the course list to enroll.