Course Overview:

Delivering culturally competent services requires ease of access,  recognizing and addressing cultural differences, establishing relationships to promote trust, providing culturally competent follow up, and facilitating participant satisfaction. 

All of these actions contribute to increased positive outcomes for the children, families and adults we serve.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this course you will have:

1. Increased awareness of your biases and understanding of the specific cultural beliefs of others

2. The ability to put skills into practice to build trust and effectively communicate with and serve diverse people.

3. Support for culturally competent practices from an agency that is committed to diversity and innovation to meet the needs of diverse people


This training is required for all new ADSD workforce members within 30 days of hire and as directed thereafter for all employees.

Time to Complete: 

20 minutes

How to Enroll: 

This course does not require an enrollment key.