Upon completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Perform a match from a job order and from a customer record

  • Realize that job matching requires adding and or removing data to be successful

  • Matching is required per DETR B.E.S.T. policy and procedures

  • Perform job matches as required on all suppressed Platinum, Silver State Works, Gold job orders

  • Perform matches as requiredfrom the customer record for all customers seeking assistance in finding employment

At the end of this course you be will asked to complete during your regular work hours 3 matches from a job order and 7 matches from a customer record. Once completed the Customer ID number list will be forwarded to the course instructor. 

The purpose of this course is so REA & Back Up staff have the basic understanding of the REA program, the selection process and the role of an REA staff members.

Required Attendees: All REA/RES funded positions and back up staff who will be making REA selections and/or conducting REA/RES assessments.

Course Overview: The best practices for Workforce Investment Service representatives to interview job seekers and complete their registrations.

Learning Objectives: Upon completing this course you will be able to interview job seeker to obtain a complete registration that will result in securing new employment.
At the end of this course is a ten question quiz.

Minimum Passing Score: 100% on the Final Exam and you are allowed two attempts to complete it.

Time to complete ( Approx.): 1 hour

Time to Complete (Approx.): ?? minutes/hours

How to Enroll: This course is "open enrollment". Select the course name in the course list to enroll.

Course Overview

This course provides basic tips on how a person working in the capacity of a service representative, case worker or case manager can best serve their clients, manage their case load, and meet goals and performance standards.

Who Should Take This Course

All new employees, current Service Representatives and current Business Service Representatives of DETR.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course you will understand the tools that are provided by your employer, and outside sources that are available to help you perform your job effectively.

Quiz- To pass this course you will need to pass at 100% the 5 question quiz.

Minimum Passing Score-100%

How to Enroll:

This course is "open enrollment". Select the course name in the course list to enroll.