Password is required to take this exam.  Time to complete this exam is two hours. 

POST First Line Supervisor Program Exam is for students who have completed the POST First Line Supervisor Program (80 hours).  This exam requires an 80% or better grade. Upon successful completion of the exam, print your certificate. For Nevada sworn peace officers to receive POST credit, give the certificate (or a copy) to your agency single-point-of-contact so that the credit for this course can be reported to POST and added into your training record.

Final Exam and certificate of completion for participants of Management Program Module 6 - classroom.

POST State Certification exams are for Nevada peace officers in sworn positions.  These exams may not be taken by a person who is not employed by a State of Nevada Law Enforcement Agency as a peace officer. Also, an officer who holds a POST Certificate may not take the state exam for the same category for which they are already certified. The State Certification exam will be null and void if taken by a person who meets either of these two conditions. 

A Password is REQUIRED to take any of these state certification exams.